Here’s to the fools who dream.

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you  to achieve it.” – Paulo Coehlo

One year ago today, I received the email that irrevocably changed the course of my life:

“Hi Sarah, I work on the hiring team at Automattic, and would like to chat about your recent Happiness Engineer application.”

This was the moment I stopped wistfully making other plans, and began living, truly living, my life by my rules.

One year later, I find my heart overflowing with joy at the irreplaceable friendships I’ve forged since that afternoon and the myriad adventures I’ve embarked upon.

Piece by piece, I am reclaiming myself.

Here’s to making beautiful messes, taking risks, and charging boldly ahead.

“If you trust your rebel heart, ride it into battle–don’t be afraid to take the road less traveled.”

The chances we don’t take are the ones that haunt us at night; the risks we do bravely pursue keep us satisfied company in the dark hours of the morning, even when we fall flat on our faces.

Tomorrow begins day 366. Carpe diem.

My life. My path. My rules.

Here’s to year two.

Do you believe in Magic?


The trouble with Magic Moments is that, during the whirlwind that is the show, there is absolutely zero time to actually write about it. Especially this year–I was a writer, a marketer, and the queen of the gypsies (apparently). Consider this a placeholder until I can wrap my head around the experience. 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 7.11.32 AM

There’s no place like Whistler, Nashville. 

These past few months may have been the most beautiful chapter of my entire life.

How sweet a thought it is that even these will not be the best days of my life?


I have never felt more at home. Y’all made fun of me the first night of the Grand Meetup in Whistler. I knew that, if I drank, the extremely awkward and clumsy inner me would come out (with all her doubling-entendre innuendos pouring forth) and I would “embarrass myself.”

You’ve taught me that’s not possible with you. I have never felt more love and acceptance in my entire life.

We look out for each other.

We respect each other.

We are Sparta.

I kept waiting for the other shoe to fall, but you are some of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good to find myself surrounded by true warriors.

We play just as hard as we work. It’s no wonder I am stumbling off this plane, barely able to keep my eyes open; I have nothing left to give, having spent it all with you fine people.

My one regret: We did not find either Taylor Swift or her guitar. Guess we’ll just have to help out next year at WCUS, Jeremey.

I am proud of the work we did, the projects we started and finished, the tickets we completed above and beyond. We do what we do and excel at it.

Heading home, I am overwhelmed by fragments of memory that I dearly wish I would never forget.

A rooftop deck overlooking a river, throwing back shots and drinks because we’re Sparta, and one of us just turned twenty-eight.

The glare on Charlie’s face when I sent the second projectile missile flying at him during the joint A12 dinner. He never did find the real perp. xD

Gathering around a massive table and getting shit done. Feeling both proud and kind of amazed at the work we accomplished in so short a time.

Late nights of talking and head’s up and drinking.

Line dancing and bus riding and country music spilling from every doorway.

Having an in-person pitcrew to my right and left and cracking jokes during Livechat during the Spartan/Air Cross-Training.

Exhausted and distracted, I wonder if this is really my life.

And yet, with the sands of time, the memories are already fading.

Until next time, Sparta.



Turning 28: Nashville in Selfies

Life Lesson: Coffee and alcohol are not food groups. Combined and condensed, they result in poor (but extremely fun) choices.

I’m pretty sure I aged an entire year in a week:

Going to a Team Meetup is like living through an entire year’s worth of college crammed into a handful of days, except the people you’re surrounded with are the most genuine, incredible, talented and downright best people you will ever meet.

Dionysus meets Ponos, sleep be damned.

According to everyone I talked to, this was “going easy” for Sparta compared to their first meetup.

If next year is anything like this one, I may not survive. No better way to go, though, eh?


Nashville Bound!

The last time I flew Frontier, I met a rather colorful cast of characters. While pondering what eccentric individual I might meet today, it occurred to me that flying at the very back of a discount flight severely limits any random celebrity encounters I might find on my way to Nashville.

Hmm. I’m flying United next time.


Operation: Rise and Shine Part 2

It is 5:20 in the morning. I smell like some type of melon and vitamin E, I’ve already had my coffee (HYDRO FLASK WIN!), I’m cooking eggs for breakfast, and I haven’t been mean to my husband (yet). 

I’m AWAKE and I don’t have to be. 


I’m pretty sure I was half awake all night anticipating my alarms, but still. I’m up and don’t want to commit murder of myself or others

Definite win. Thanks Facebook!

Operation: Rise and Shine is A-Go

Pretty much everything I want out of life hinges on being an early riser.

If I want to exercise and take care of my health, it needs to be in the morning, or I’ll talk myself out of it (because sushi and comfy blankets are LIFE).

If I want time to work on my writing, I need to get my shit done early to clear time for that.

If I’d like to ease into my day over a leisurely coffee and reading my work ’emails’ like I used to picture when I was slaving as a teacher, I need to get up earlier.

If I want some moments of absolute peace to myself in the quiet morning before the hustle and bustle and utter nonsense of the day… you get the picture.

I’m better at all of these things in the wee hours of the morning–that is, two and three a.m. when I am still awake from the day.

I am a different person at night than I am in the morning. Morning Swoolz is a total bitch and I hate her most of the time. Evening Swoolz is driven, enthusiastic, and ready to take on the world… if only her wonderful husband weren’t sleeping peacefully to the side of her.

Alas and alack, I married a morning lark; he is so damned chipper every morning that I frequently have to stop myself from throttling him for his sunshiney disposition as the light through yonder window breaks.

He’s worth it.

Thus, today I begin my conversion to a tried and true morning person.

Things I have tried in the past:

-Setting my alarm clock not only across the room, but in the hallway. Outside my room. I’ll usually wake before it, climb out of bed, and shut it off. Then climb back in bed. I am THAT determined.

-Making a delicious breakfast the night before and thinking of it as I fall asleep. Come morning, what is hunger compared to the heroine that is the snooze button?

-Practice: I have literally practiced “getting up” to “create a routine” to make it “automatic” in the evening. Husband’s smug smirk didn’t sting so much as the fact I slept in the next morning. And the one after.

Others not out of the norm: setting my coffee maker to brew ASAP automatically, signing up for early morning exercise classes, setting multiple snooze alarms, promising myself breakfast burritos… It goes on and on. I hate mornings. Mornings hate me.

But no longer.

Today, I turned to Facebook. And now? I have an action plan.

Tomorrow morning, I have an alarm set for 5:00. I intend to be out of bed by 5:10.

The plan:

  1. Hydro Flask filled with coffee + soymilk. I will drink this at 5 a.m. in preparation for waking.
  2. Husband has agreed to turn on the light when he bounds out of bed; I have agreed not to punch, kick, and/or maim him in any way.
  3. Fuzzy bathrobe and slippers for the 5:10 alarm. Underneath: work-out clothes for Jazzercise
  4. Nice smelling lotions to apply as a reward.
  5. Back-up alarm on the landing. If I’m going to sleep in, I’m going to have to get out of bed for a few minutes AFTER drinking a boat-load of coffee.

Wish me luck. May the odds be ever in my favor.