Yoga, Day 8: And just where have you been, Missy?

We break from our regularly scheduled yoga to walk miles and miles and miles…

The issue with travel is that it totally interferes with my exercise. I’m a champion walker, though, and prefer to do that over taking Lyfts/Ubers (you discover so many interesting things that way!), so I like to think that it evens out in the end. Ish.

I started in San Francisco, visiting my dear friend, Art.


I swear, Art makes the same face no matter when I see him. Also, this man doesn’t age:


After San Fran, I hopped a plane and wandered around LA and worked with my usually-remote co-workers:


And we didn’t skip the Renaissance Festival:


Still, walking and working and renaissancing and traveling aside, it’s time to get back on that yoga-and-biking bandwagon. I was reminded this by one Rennie’s possessed-girl pet:


I never thought I’d be inspired by a zombie exorcist-chick, but here we are. Yoga, day 8 — it seemed gentle, but I was still relatively sore the next day:

Maybe I’ll drag my accountabilibuddy with me on my next traveling adventure. It’s easier to do stuff consistently when other people are holding you accountable. Hence the term!

Getting back on track, ya’ll. Here we go!

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