Yoga, Day 7: Accidents and Allergies

Well, we’re back on the yoga wagon. I used to start challenges like this and give up if I missed a day or two.

Not anymore!


Fitness isn’t about perfection. It isn’t about eating ONLY the healthiest of the best, the cleanest of the clean; it’s a lifestyle choice, which means that one or two days off doesn’t make or break you. We’re back at it!

We’ve also been biking every other day and eating relatively clean (lots of vegetables, lean protein, fruit, stuff we make with our own hands mostly) which is also helping. It was nice to look in the mirror this morning and realize I have an actual line in my stomach (“Abs are made in the kitchen!” or something..)

Still, today’s practice was made significantly less fun by allergies and accidents.

Turns out you’re supposed to stay on your bike. Not stop and fall over, which is what I did. xD At the same time, nothing makes you feel quite so alive and childlike as a scraped knee, so we finished our trek to and from our coffee shop nonetheless!

I noticed I was better able to flow through the plank-and-lower-into-cobra section, so +1 for strength. I’m a level three character now!

The side-arm-balance thing at the end, however was… less ideal.

This is one of those where I’ll revisit it at the end of the challenge and see if it’s improved. I had maybe one second on each arm where I was steady, and the rest was a whole lot of nope and child’s pose. xD

We also finished off today’s with an awesome protein smoothie:



2 tablespoons of peanut butter (the real kind, not the sugary ‘Jiffy’ kind.)

1(ish) cups of protein-fortified almond milk (plain, no flavor added)

1 frozen banana

2/3rd cup of frozen mixed berries

1 tablespoon chia seeds

1.5-2ish cups of mixed greens

Super tasty! It’s like a peanut butter and banana milkshake.

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