Yoga, Day: Pause – Bikes Instead!

Accountabilibuddy and I took a day or two off of yoga, primarily because

1. two days ago, we were busier than any person has any right to be because we were helping his parents move, and

‘2. we decided to bike to a brewery yesterday instead (that no-alcohol thing isn’t going super awesome.)

We’d planned on also doing yoga yesterday… except the bike path to the brewery from yester-year’s past was actually a really super busy and dangerous interstate cross-over.

Hurray for construction, I guess?

We decided to stay put at the brewery with our doggo rather than risk the ride back and just wait for our ride to get off work to come rescue us. Needless to say, we will not be biking that direction again. xD

We’ll be back on the yoga path today with yoga, day six.

I’m trying to remember that it’s okay to fall off the fitness trail (yoga trail?) for a day or two–as long as we get back on the mat!

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