Day 6: Core Singing Exercises!

My accountabilibuddy and I are back on track! (With help from his puppy, Chloe.)

We decided to do Yoga Day 6 today and may tackle Day 7 tonight as well; most yoga classes I’ve taken in the past have been about an hour, so this fifteen minute video + the Day 7 thirty minute video shouldn’t be too challenging.

You need a block for today’s core exercises; it helps a ton.

I noticed that a lot of today’s exercises I were ones I used to use when practicing voice to build core strength.

These exercises help you control your breath (from your diaphragm or below, as I was taught) and sustain musical tones; basically, the stronger your core (and using certain techniques vocally/breathing-wise), the less likely your voice is to wobble when prancing about on stage.

Also, it was super challenging to do the exercises slowly.

This is one of those trainings where I’ll want to come back to it in a month and see if I’ve made progress.

Soreness Note: I seem to have minimal soreness now. The first time we did extended yoga, EVERYTHING hurt. The first time I hopped on a bike in several years, my backside felt bruised and tender. But we’ve pushed through… and while there are still twinges, I no longer feel like I have a full-body hangover.

We’ll see if this holds true tomorrow after the additional thirty minute video (day seven) tonight.

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