Yoga, Day 5: Cinco de Bike-o

Yoga barely happened today because accountabilibuddy and I took a break from our regularly scheduled morning yoga practice, and instead picked up our new-to-us bikes from their tune-up and rode three miles home!

…And then we decided to plant some jalapeños. And weed the entire yard. Oh, and plant a tulip tree that was given to us on arbor day by an awesome bartender and a local brewery:

…Needless to say, we are exhausted. Still, we persevered. Today’s practice was only sixteen minutes long and relatively mild (thank GOD, since we paired this with so much other exercise.)

I noticed this morning that I was somewhat more flexible than mornings in the past. Progress! Also, I finally woke up feeling not like death; the soreness has abated.

…Why do I have a feeling like it’s about to ramp up again? 😀

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