Yoga: Day 2

Well. Day 2 was significantly harder than day one.

Yoga: Full-Body Workout, Custom-Tailored to You

The parts in this video I struggled with (power/strength poses), my partner rocked; meanwhile, where he struggled (flexibility poses), I “found ease” (as Adriene puts it) and used those moments to relax.

Energy: WOW.

The other ‘health kick’ I’m currently on during this thirty day challenge is diet adjustment.

I’m cutting out all alcohol and 2. processed sugars from my diet (as they are my two biggest vices.) I’m also not eating a ton of red meat (which I honestly don’t eat a ton of anyway–but it feels like a win, so there!)

Having not drank the night before the challenge or today coupled with this challenge, I feel AMAZING. So. much. energy.


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