Leash Courtesy

My boyfriend and I were hanging out on a patio at a brewery when a guy let his dog off-leash in the sitting area.

Which would be fine.. except our dog wasn’t happy with the other dog incessantly harassing her and was starting to get surly with the other dog. She’s never bitten another dog, but he was not listening to her body language. We decided to intervene, because we’re responsible dog owners.

We politely asked jerk-who-doesn’t-actually-care-about-what-happens-to-his-dog to please leash his puppy. The leash was on his table.

Off-leash. Because she’s at home. No other doggos.

Jerk got REALLY upset about it.

How dare we politely ask him to leash his dog?

Him: “If your dog is crazy, she shouldn’t be out!”

Us: “Um, no dude. Our dog has been attacked by three dogs, two of whom were ‘nice’ off-leash dogs according to their owners. She’s older and just doesn’t like being bothered by younger dogs. Also, we don’t want yours to ever get hurt by another dog, so you should have your dog on a leash so that if that does happen, you can rescue him faster.”


Us: “No, she’s very nice and well-behaved as you can see from the way she’s hanging out mellowly behind us, she just doesn’t want another dog in her space.”


Me: “Obviously you’re not understanding what we’re saying, so let me demonstrate.” *moves to sit at his table* “Are you enjoying this? Is this fun for you? Do you like me in your space?”

Him: “I mean.. uh… I’m fine with it.”

Me: “Cool, then I’m just going to sit here and bother you. Are you still enjoying this? Are you entertained? How about if I keep asking you questions, the same way your dog keeps sniffing at ours?”

Him: *makes some comment to my gentleman friend about how he should keep me on the leash or something equally sexist*

Us: “That is incredibly sexist, and also not the point. Put your dog on a leash; you’re technically breaking the law.”

Him: “I’m a lawyer!”

Us: “Oh, okay, let’s pull up Tennessee’s law and see what it has to say about dogs off-leash in public.”

I get up to get my computer, pull up the law, and start walking toward him with the .Gov website pulled up.

Him: “No, stop, go away!”

Us: “Well which is it? Do you want to know what the law says about this, or not?”


Us: “This is common courtesy. All dog owners should know this. Put your dog on a leash, especially if asked.”

Him: “I guess I’m just deficient in common courtesy.”

Me: “Which is astounding, because this is the south and you’d think courtesy was your second language.”

Him: “Just keep your dog away from mine.”

Us: “We will do so easily, because she’s on a leash.

So we sit there, working while they keep talking, and eventually my gentleman friend decided to write him a note of apology, explaining ending with “You’re lucky this time. Our dog is sweet. For your dog’s sake, may your luck never run out.”

And then we bought their beer as a gesture of good will (and to make a lasting impact, damn it), and left.

Good. God.

May the odds be ever in his dog’s favor. Poor puppers.

Yoga, Day 8: And just where have you been, Missy?

We break from our regularly scheduled yoga to walk miles and miles and miles…

The issue with travel is that it totally interferes with my exercise. I’m a champion walker, though, and prefer to do that over taking Lyfts/Ubers (you discover so many interesting things that way!), so I like to think that it evens out in the end. Ish.

I started in San Francisco, visiting my dear friend, Art.


I swear, Art makes the same face no matter when I see him. Also, this man doesn’t age:


After San Fran, I hopped a plane and wandered around LA and worked with my usually-remote co-workers:


And we didn’t skip the Renaissance Festival:


Still, walking and working and renaissancing and traveling aside, it’s time to get back on that yoga-and-biking bandwagon. I was reminded this by one Rennie’s possessed-girl pet:


I never thought I’d be inspired by a zombie exorcist-chick, but here we are. Yoga, day 8 — it seemed gentle, but I was still relatively sore the next day:

Maybe I’ll drag my accountabilibuddy with me on my next traveling adventure. It’s easier to do stuff consistently when other people are holding you accountable. Hence the term!

Getting back on track, ya’ll. Here we go!

Yoga, Day 7: Accidents and Allergies

Well, we’re back on the yoga wagon. I used to start challenges like this and give up if I missed a day or two.

Not anymore!


Fitness isn’t about perfection. It isn’t about eating ONLY the healthiest of the best, the cleanest of the clean; it’s a lifestyle choice, which means that one or two days off doesn’t make or break you. We’re back at it!

We’ve also been biking every other day and eating relatively clean (lots of vegetables, lean protein, fruit, stuff we make with our own hands mostly) which is also helping. It was nice to look in the mirror this morning and realize I have an actual line in my stomach (“Abs are made in the kitchen!” or something..)

Still, today’s practice was made significantly less fun by allergies and accidents.

Turns out you’re supposed to stay on your bike. Not stop and fall over, which is what I did. xD At the same time, nothing makes you feel quite so alive and childlike as a scraped knee, so we finished our trek to and from our coffee shop nonetheless!

I noticed I was better able to flow through the plank-and-lower-into-cobra section, so +1 for strength. I’m a level three character now!

The side-arm-balance thing at the end, however was… less ideal.

This is one of those where I’ll revisit it at the end of the challenge and see if it’s improved. I had maybe one second on each arm where I was steady, and the rest was a whole lot of nope and child’s pose. xD

We also finished off today’s with an awesome protein smoothie:



2 tablespoons of peanut butter (the real kind, not the sugary ‘Jiffy’ kind.)

1(ish) cups of protein-fortified almond milk (plain, no flavor added)

1 frozen banana

2/3rd cup of frozen mixed berries

1 tablespoon chia seeds

1.5-2ish cups of mixed greens

Super tasty! It’s like a peanut butter and banana milkshake.

Day 6: Core Singing Exercises!

My accountabilibuddy and I are back on track! (With help from his puppy, Chloe.)

We decided to do Yoga Day 6 today and may tackle Day 7 tonight as well; most yoga classes I’ve taken in the past have been about an hour, so this fifteen minute video + the Day 7 thirty minute video shouldn’t be too challenging.

You need a block for today’s core exercises; it helps a ton.

I noticed that a lot of today’s exercises I were ones I used to use when practicing voice to build core strength.

These exercises help you control your breath (from your diaphragm or below, as I was taught) and sustain musical tones; basically, the stronger your core (and using certain techniques vocally/breathing-wise), the less likely your voice is to wobble when prancing about on stage.

Also, it was super challenging to do the exercises slowly.

This is one of those trainings where I’ll want to come back to it in a month and see if I’ve made progress.

Soreness Note: I seem to have minimal soreness now. The first time we did extended yoga, EVERYTHING hurt. The first time I hopped on a bike in several years, my backside felt bruised and tender. But we’ve pushed through… and while there are still twinges, I no longer feel like I have a full-body hangover.

We’ll see if this holds true tomorrow after the additional thirty minute video (day seven) tonight.

Yoga, Day: Pause – Bikes Instead!

Accountabilibuddy and I took a day or two off of yoga, primarily because

1. two days ago, we were busier than any person has any right to be because we were helping his parents move, and

‘2. we decided to bike to a brewery yesterday instead (that no-alcohol thing isn’t going super awesome.)

We’d planned on also doing yoga yesterday… except the bike path to the brewery from yester-year’s past was actually a really super busy and dangerous interstate cross-over.

Hurray for construction, I guess?

We decided to stay put at the brewery with our doggo rather than risk the ride back and just wait for our ride to get off work to come rescue us. Needless to say, we will not be biking that direction again. xD

We’ll be back on the yoga path today with yoga, day six.

I’m trying to remember that it’s okay to fall off the fitness trail (yoga trail?) for a day or two–as long as we get back on the mat!

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Wraps

Smoked salmon and cream cheese has to be one of the most iconic breakfast/brunch combinations. The flavors of punchy smoked salmon and delicate cream cheese match perfectly with the sharp onion…

Make it
10 minutes
∙ Serves 1

2 oz Smoked salmon

1 Handful Arugula
1/2 tsp Basil, fresh or dried
1 1/4 oz Red onion

Baking & Spices
1 Pinch Pepper

Bread & Baked Goods
1 8-inch low carb flour tortilla, low carb

2 tsp Cream cheese, low fat

via (22) Pinterest

Swoolz Modifications:


one to two tablespoons of fresh dill,

two or three teaspoons of creamed horse-radish

a tablespoon of lemon juice

to the cream cheese; substitute half the cream cheese for goat cheese.


salad greens

to the wrap.

SUPER tasty!


Yoga, Day 5: Cinco de Bike-o

Yoga barely happened today because accountabilibuddy and I took a break from our regularly scheduled morning yoga practice, and instead picked up our new-to-us bikes from their tune-up and rode three miles home!

…And then we decided to plant some jalapeños. And weed the entire yard. Oh, and plant a tulip tree that was given to us on arbor day by an awesome bartender and a local brewery:

…Needless to say, we are exhausted. Still, we persevered. Today’s practice was only sixteen minutes long and relatively mild (thank GOD, since we paired this with so much other exercise.)

I noticed this morning that I was somewhat more flexible than mornings in the past. Progress! Also, I finally woke up feeling not like death; the soreness has abated.

…Why do I have a feeling like it’s about to ramp up again? 😀

Yoga, Day Four: “Feeling Frisky!”

Today’s yoga practice was three things:

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 4.17.04 PM.png
Accountabilibuddy: “I could do all the poses today! Yes!”
  1. Short!
  2. Funny.
  3. Showed actual progress.

I’m thrilled.

I woke up this morning feeling like absolute death mentally, mostly because of nightmares. I’m not particularly surprised; when I did yoga in the past, any time I stretched out my hips, sad emotions overwhelmed me.

Yoga instructors of practices passed tell me that ’emotions are stored in the hips’, which was why, several months after the fact, it felt like my mother had just died all over again.

Who knows what kinds of negative emotions I’m currently releasing from my relatively dormant and un-stretched muscles. I’m finding out, though!

Still; in spite of the fact that I slept in this morning, I did pause during lunch with my accountabilibuddy to practice. It was hot as hell this afternoon (+1 for morning practice) but since it was short and sweet, I was able to throw on a dress, let my hair down, and head out to my co-working space.


I can feel and see a difference in my body. It’s really subtle, but there was more of a quiet strength there today when I struggled through my planks. It still burned, I still wobbled a bit… but I held on longer.

I feel like I’ve leveled up! Level two, yo. Still have a ways to go to get to level ninety-nine, but I’m on my way.

Yoga, Day Three.

I woke up this morning more sore than I’ve been in my entire life.

One word: Ouch.

Things that I didn’t know were muscles (like the skin over top of my ribs, for example) protested with every slight movement.

Still. I got up. Late. Really late. But I still got up.

Day three was shorter and a touch less intense (for me) to start. Which is good, because it currently feels like a full-body hangover in all my delicate muscles.

My athletic friends tell me the soreness will ease the more I work out. That, or I’ll just become inured to the effects of lactic acid. I’ll let you know.

“This one was a lot more bendy. I am not that bendy. Yet.” -Accountabilibuddy


Yoga: Day 2

Well. Day 2 was significantly harder than day one.

Yoga: Full-Body Workout, Custom-Tailored to You

The parts in this video I struggled with (power/strength poses), my partner rocked; meanwhile, where he struggled (flexibility poses), I “found ease” (as Adriene puts it) and used those moments to relax.

Energy: WOW.

The other ‘health kick’ I’m currently on during this thirty day challenge is diet adjustment.

I’m cutting out all alcohol and 2. processed sugars from my diet (as they are my two biggest vices.) I’m also not eating a ton of red meat (which I honestly don’t eat a ton of anyway–but it feels like a win, so there!)

Having not drank the night before the challenge or today coupled with this challenge, I feel AMAZING. So. much. energy.