Happy birthday, Dad!

Who knew we’d be singing, “Who Will Buy” together in a show again? Fifteen years later?

Have fun drinking that moonshine in “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves” — that’s going to be epic.

You know, Seasons? That coffeeshop by your house?”

“I think you mean Soho’s, Dad. Sojourners.”

“Sojourners. With a ‘J’, not an ‘H’.”

My Heart is in San Francisco

Husband is currently in San Fran on a debate trip (he gets one day to wander around, then spends another three holed up judging debate tournaments).

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 11.33.37 AM.png
Fletcher never takes pictures of himself because, “I know what I look like.” Sigh.

Fortunately, I know how to take a few pictures here and there (it’s amazing, how different I look here than when I was fourteen–but then, that’s why we take pictures, HUSBAND. xD)

Family, too, is another draw to the bay area:

Becky and Allen (my aunt and uncle in-law, no less!) dropped everything last-minute to take me to the oldest established restaurant in San Francisco. ❤

It was so lovely to see them! Wining, dining, and catching up. How lucky I am to have married into such a huge, loving family.

But another of my life’s great, fatherly loves too resides in San Fran, and I had the pleasure of visiting him last month (January 15th-January 18th, 2017).

Art called me the week before; he was about to undergo some pretty intensive surgery to cut off oxygen flow to his brain for five minutes while they removed a blockage (90%!) in his carotid artery.

Extremely dangerous stuff.

No better time than the present; I bought plane tickets that night and flew out to see him several days later. We spent the afternoon laughing, reminiscing, singing, and dining on the finest aquatic cuisine. He passed along his brother’s book The Precious Few (heavily revised by Art himself), and we bumbled along in his classic VW Bus (brown and tan!)

Two days later, he had his surgery, and came out on the other side as optimistic, eclectic, and energetic as ever. Less than a month later, he’s already playing full-court basketball again.

Nothing stops you, Art.”

“True. Everyone was sort of blown away by my conditioning. My doctors were at an event together, my GP and my surgeon… They decided I was quirky.”

“‘Quirky’ doesn’t begin to cover it.”

Did I mention he’s 82?

Art is one of the greatest blessings in my life. I will endeavor to see him more often.

Keep exploring your talents. Don’t leave it for much later in life. The best time to do anything is always now.” -Art Twain

We Are WARRIORS: Eagle Ridge

For a single night, I was part of an eighties rockband in 2013; we performed at ERA’s Battle of the Bands.

I will never be this cool again.

“Oh my gosh, you look just like a student!” -One of my baby freshman.

“Beverly Hills” and “Call Me Maybe” and rehearsals at seven a.m…

ERA is where I learned to be a battle-hardened warrior. There is no tired like first-year-teacher tired, and yet we persevered. Though today I am a Spartan, that discipline was honed in those hallways.

I will never be able to describe what the women I worked and wept and danced with (Dance Party Fridays!) mean to me, but at least I can immortalize them here: